What is advertising

Advertising is controlled, identifiable information and persuasion by means of mass communication media. Advertising is a marketing method of promoting a method of using guiding principles to promote a service or a product. Advertising uses the traditional media and the mass media such as newspapers, Television, social marketing, radio, or direct mail. Advertising involves the …

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Email Marketing campaign

Email communication is a part of digital marketing strategy.  Email communication, imparts or communicates the business information by writing the text and sending it across . Email marketing satisfy the business purpose.  Email Communication is  marketing process necessary to generate the customer base . Email marketing helps in building relationships, sharing ideas and delegating responsibilities.  Email marketing helps managing …

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What is the Marketing Process

The marketing process is dynamic. The marketing process is fundamental to any business. The marketing process is the foundation on which any successful business stands. Marketing process consists of analyzing market opportunities to define and control the market to make sure the business objective is met. The marketing process consists, of analyzing market opportunities, researching …

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