The difference between Knowledge and the meaningful Knowledge

What is the difference between animal life and human life?

Both animals and humans have a common characteristic of eating, mating, sleeping and defending themselves. 

Humans now tend to indulge in only those four aspects of life. Eat to eventually vomit it out. Indulge in sex to create offspring, sleep a lot and defend in case his/ her life is being threatened.

 That is not the purpose of human life. Is it?

Most of you will respond with a simple no then why does human tend to involve oneself in only those activities which are similar to animals.

The answer is lack of Knowledge. Even those who proclaim it are bereft of leading a purposeful life.

So let’s define the knowledge and purposeful Knowledge.

Knowledge is a familiarity, awareness, or understanding of someone or something, such as facts, skills or objects. A simple Knowledge based on mere perceptions without any realization can lead us to ignorance. Such knowledge refers to the theoretical understanding of the subject. Even if the Knowledge covers practical aspects of the subject, when it is being used for selfish means, it leads us to greater destruction.

It is only the purposeful knowledge which serves the purpose. What if a particular skill will lead to a greater position of a director of the company but if the same director is corrupt, unprincipled; would it solve his purpose of life?  The answer is yes in case a person is only knowledgeable with no meaningful purpose in life, but if the person has a purpose for which he was given birth on this planet; the answer is big ”No’.

A piece of knowledge has two basic components

  • Material Knowledge
  • Spiritual Knowledge

Material knowledge gives you the knowledge to earn. It gives you a great lifestyle. It provides you with the dividends to have a great lifestyle, greater material comforts, but what it fails you are not providing you with the knowledge for which you were born. You were not simply born to eat, mate, sleep and defend because that is what is common in the animals too. They too eat, they too have sex, they too create offspring’s, and they do sleep. And they too defend when felt threatened.

Spiritual knowledge: Spiritual knowledge is the real knowledge which would differentiate you from animals. This real knowledge will impart you the moral science necessary enough to sustain your life in a meaningful way so that the purpose of life is achieved.

You may be dressed in the best brand in the world or travelling by the best car but still be a wreak. A wreak to the society and a wreak to your family.

 Why does that happen?

This happens when are equipped with a knowledge which is superficially designed and taught in a way which only leads to destruction despite living a lavish life. This superficial knowledge does not teach us the value system. It does not train us either on the purpose of life. On the other hand, spiritual knowledge would lead you to achieve self-actualization needs or transcendental needs. Spiritual knowledge would give you the necessary satisfaction. Spiritual knowledge is based on realizations and not on mere perceptions. 

Now let me cite you an example.

Hansie Cronje was one of the greatest leaders I have seen in my life as far my perception about the leadership goes. Remember. Under his captaincy, it was almost impossible for anyone to beat South Africa including Australia. You see the record and you would agree with me that he was the greatest legend of the game during his time.

Hansie achieved a great material knowledge of cricket but what was missing was his spiritual knowledge. His great material knowledge made him the legend of the game but his lack of spiritual knowledge made him an outcast. We all know that his name surfaced on a massive match-fixing scandal, which he admitted.

The super knowledge of the game made him a legend and lack of integrity and character made him an outcast. When he died, his name reflected on the fourth page of all the newspapers. The reason is simply evident, that his character was a blot and, therefore his name tumbled down from grace to disgrace.

On the other hand, MS Dhoni’s  name too surfaced in a matching  fixing scandal . He was cleared in the scandal after an investigation was completed on the same. That is the difference between a blot and the integrity.

Why do people fall so low?

People fall so low because of their innate characteristics which were developed over time. Earning a bundle of currency notes and wishing the luxurious lifestyle has made humans vulnerable to allow one’s consciousness to be degraded. 

Sycophancy, Intimacy and blandishment, are considered to be the requisite traits of annual appraisals, job promotions. rewards and recognition.

Everywhere we see a political corruption, corporate corruption and various other corruptions. This corruption is rampant and is perpetuating unabated. There are other crimes associated with the same lack of consciousness. White color crimes are being committed by so-called respectable persons, holding privileged positions, either in public or private concern. It is very hard to detect these crimes unless we do not know the root cause of these evils.

Corporate frauds are the most sophisticated and adversely affect society. They are the crimes which are committed by the so-called high profile and sophisticated humans of the society. They reduce the interest and trust in corporate investments and turn to reduce the confidence in the government as well as society. Corporate frauds are more dangerous to the society because the financial loss to society from corporate frauds is greater than the financial loss from burglaries, robberies, larcenies etc.

There are a great number of corporate scams found in India. Some of them are as follows

  2. Satyam Computers scam
  3. Home trade Scam
  4. Shardha Chit fund scam
  5. Speak Asia scams
  6. Telgi Scam

Other than these scams there are political Scams.

There are hundreds of Political Scams in India and the world.

We know the Nira Radia tapes controversy. We know conversations between lobbyist-cum-entrepreneur Niira Radia and her clients – that included top-notch businessmen and politicians – as well as gossip with senior journalists who also seemed to be a conduit of information in the chain of events.

The root cause of all the scams and corruption is greed, lust and the hunger for power.

What is the remedy?

The Remedy is in a knowledge which unfortunately is neither taught in schools, Colleges or the management academies. The remedy is in the spiritual knowledge and not in the material knowledge.

Material Knowledge is not bad, but when used with spiritual Knowledge, it provides enormous benefits to the individual and the societies. It takes care of greed, lust and the yearning for power. Let’s distinguish between material knowledge and spiritual Knowledge

Material Knowledge informs Spiritual knowledge transforms

Material knowledge focuses on proving while as Spiritual. Knowledge focuses on improving. Improving is constricted form of ‘I am proving?’  There is no room for any doubt that Improving substantiates the proving. You don’t have to anyone.  You are already proven.

Material knowledge does not change your behavior but on the contrary, it makes you even arrogant. When you reach the height of your ignorance, You commit the most atrocious crimes against the society. When you realize that this is not making you happy, you stumbled to roadblocks for the spiritual one. I am not saying that this is a thumb rule but the exceptions are always there. Spiritual knowledge will help you perform your duty with utmost honesty and impeccable integrity. Spiritual knowledge won’t make you a super rich but it will train you to face the God with an eye contact . It will give the requisite courage to be with the God.

Material knowledge will help you to lead a life of great lifestyle but the spiritual knowledge would teach you the science of life. 

Material knowledge without a purpose would lead you to stress while the spiritual knowledge would distress your life. 

Material knowledge is theoretically based on knowing the world while spiritual knowledge is based on knowing yourself.

 Material knowledge is trivial but real self-knowledge can never be trivial. It’s always substantial because once we understand ‘self’ we can understand our relationship to everything around us. It’s all about posing the right questions. 

Material knowledge is based on analysing matter while spiritual knowledge is based on analysing sprit.

Happiness derived from. Material s

Knowledge is temporary and transient while as happiness derived from spiritual knowledge are ecstatic. 

Material knowledge is based on quantity while spiritual knowledge is based on quality.

Material Knowledge generates a material passion but the spiritual knowledge would provide the compassion to love the creation of God.

 In looking for people to hire, you look for three qualities: integrity, intelligence, and energy. And if they don’t have the first, the other two will kill you.” Warrant Buffet 

To achieve the greater heights in your life, you need to uphold the need for moral science so that you achieve a real success which will provide the yearning satisfaction in life.

एवं प्रवर्तितं चक्रं नानुवर्तयतीह य: |
अघायुरिन्द्रियारामो मोघं पार्थ स जीवति || 16|| 

O Parth, those who do not accept their responsibility in the cycle of sacrifice established by the Vedas are sinful. They live only for the delight of their senses; indeed their lives are in vain. ( bhagvad Gita 3.16 )

goodness, value, worth

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